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A Peek Behind the Business: A Personal Intro to Brad & Jackie

Brad and Jackie Tanneberg are proud owners and operators of Crystal Carpet Care. They purchased the 31-year-old company, seven and a half years ago when the company came up for sale. Brad was instantly intrigued by how the owner ran the business. “He ran it how I would have run it- honestly and he kept good books.” Brad saw a lot of opportunity, and as someone with a natural entrepreneurial spirit who always wanted to own his own business, he and Jackie went for it.

“If you take care of business, your customers and employees, you’ll have success” says Brad. And, since taking ownership that’s exactly what they have done. By the close of this year, they’ve grown and acquired new long-term customers. “Our success is attributed to lots of hard work,” Brad recounts.

During the first six years of owning the business, Brad and Jackie fully immersed themselves in the industry – working the van on calls, going to training classes etc.- they took almost no time off. “I absorbed myself in the business so I could get my finger on the pulse of the industry” says Brad.

Originally the company only did residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, but Brad saw what else the market needed. When many companies went out of business during COVID, Crystal Carpet Care grew, as product offerings became more diverse and now include tile and grout, wood floors, water restoration, carpet and repairs and niche work. Now, Crystal Carpet Care is both large in residential and commercial, and they serve property management and other sectors.

Before purchasing Crystal Carpet Care Brad spent most of his professional career in the technology and manufacturing industries working for Fortune 500 companies and large privately held companies. Jackie’s background is in the dentistry field, working in office administration. With all their years of professional experience along with 22 years of marriage under their belt, they make a great team both in life and in business, as Brad works on the strategy and vision and Jackie specializes in operations and the details.

The pair first met in Eastern Washington where they were both born and raised. Brad’s parents were farmers and Jackie grew up in a military family. With the motivation to spend more quality time with family, they moved to the western side of the state when both their mothers (who were living in Western Washington) became ill. It was when they moved, that Brad got the vision of owning his own business.

Now all these years later, Brad’s vision continues to guide him every day, as he runs the business in a way where each employee has a sense of ownership and sees a long-term future for themselves. “My dream and desire is to continue building the company so we can hire more people, create more opportunity and someday leave the business in the hands of our employees,” says Brad. With this mindset, Crystal Carpet Care has been able to hire quality technicians who love serving clients.

In their free time, Brad and Jackie love spending time on the Washington Coast. The couple has two children, their son Cody, 22 years old, a Senior in college, and their daughter Ally, 18 years old, who is a freshman in college. Both attend Grand Canyon University in Arizona where Brad and Jackie love to visit. However, this month, both of their kids are visiting them. “For Thanksgiving everyone is coming over to our house, it’s a tradition,” Brad says as he and Jackie look forward to entertaining. As we quickly approach Thanksgiving, they send their warm wishes to all their customers and employees and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal Carpet Care will be closed Thursday-Sunday over the Thanksgiving holiday to ensure their employees have quality time with their families. They will however be open Friday and Saturday of the Thanksgiving week for emergencies, should the need arise.  

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