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Concrete Cleaning for Your Home or Industrial Space

Crystal Carpet Care cleans more than just carpet. When it comes to cleaning concrete, it’s very similar to the cleaning process for tile and grout. If there’s heavy debris, they’ll do a dry soil removal process first.  After that, a cleaning solution is applied, followed by agitation to help release staining and suspend soiling. The final step involves using the truck mounted cleaning machine to clean at 1200PSI with 220 degrees plus water, while extracting the dirty water at the same time.

Heavy degreasers can be used if the concrete is in an industrial-type setting and needs an extra punch to provide the dirtiest of areas an overall improved appearance.

Concrete is porous, so it stains very easily. If your concrete smells like pet urine, they can clean that too. First, they apply an enzyme treatment solution. From there, they agitate it with counter rotating brush machines. Once the whole concrete is scrubbed, they let it dwell for a brief period before using the high pressured/high heat machine to rinse and extract.

The result? A way better looking and smelling smelling concrete surface and one you can walk on without any concern of slipping from the grime.

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