How To Keep a Clean and Odor Free Home With Pets

Our furry friends are like family members to us! The good news is it IS possible to keep a clean home and have pets. Here are our top tips:

Clean Messes Up ASAP
You’ll want to be sure to clean any accidents as they happen. Don’t let messes wait as urine and even fecal matter can get into carpet fibers. For urine, we recommend putting water on the mess to dilute it down, and then to blot the spot lightly. Put a towel over the top and leave it there for about 30 minutes. A lot of moisture will have transferred to the towel that was sitting on top of it. It may seem counterintuitive, but make sure to not scrub or put pressure on the mess. You may think you’re absorbing the urine but instead you’ll be pushing it down. There are many pet cleaning products on the market. Make sure to do your research before buying an off the shelf product as it can permanently set a stain in. Get your carpets professionally cleaned to ensure pet stains and smells are removed.

Vacuum/Mop Regularly
Vacuuming once a week per heartbeat in your household will do wonders to keep your house clean and to keep pet smells at bay. Our pets can shed so much – it’s important you stay on top of it. Suck up the dander, loose hair, and anything else that may have been tracked inside. For hard surfaces, you’ll want to mop regularly.

Keep your Pets Clean
The longer your pet’s coat, the more often you’ll need to bathe them. Make sure to bathe your animal(s) regularly (based on your vet’s recommendation) and brush them to limit shedding in your home. When pets have been outside, give them a footbath so not as many allergens get tracked in with dirt.

Launder Beds, Toys & Accessories
Dirty beds, toys, and accessories can lead to a smelly pet! Make sure to include cleaning these items in your routine.

Change your Air Furnace Filter Regularly
Pet dander, dust, allergens, and dirt can collect in air ducts and then it can cause a musty smell once the furnace kicks on and air circulates. It’s a filter’s job to collect these things so make sure to change out the filter regularly so it can keep doing it’s job well. Stay on top of changing the filters so you don’t recirculate what the air filter has picked up. Look online to determine how often you should change out your air filter. It will depend on the pleating size.

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