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Tile and Grout Cleaning – The Crystal Carpet Care Way

Cleaning Bathroom Tile and Grout
In a residential setting, the process starts with a walkthrough with the customer. Once the scope of work is confirmed, set up begins. In a commercial setting, the property has been estimated beforehand, so the walkthrough is only done if there are changes to the project.
In most situations, a pretreat is applied to the tile before the cleaning process is started. When there is heavier soil on the tile and grout, agitation with a floor scrubber is helpful. Once that is complete, the tile spinner is used to finish the cleaning. The tile spinner is a high-pressure vacuum machine that, when attached to the truck mount equipment in the van, allows pressure up to about 1,000 psi to be used. This ensures the most superior clean possible.
The next step is to color seal the grout. This is applied after the tile and grout are completely dry. If color sealing is not wanted or needed, a standard sealant can be applied instead.
Cleaning Shower Tile and Grout:
The first step is to look at the shower and run our hands across the tile.  If there are rough patches, it needs to get polished for soap scum. When the silicone is damaged or missing, it is removed prior to the cleaning. The tile, glass and fixtures get polished first. A cleaning solution is applied to the tile and the tile spinner is used to finish the cleaning. A smaller hand tile spinner is available for the spaces the large one cannot clean.
The tile and grout must be completely dry before the silicone and repair work can continue. With grout repair, dry time is typically 10 to 15 minutes and could sometimes speed dry with the use of fans. At this point, grout that is applied can be the same color or different color.
The complete process in a residential setting can take several hours, depending on the size and scope of work to be performed.
Maintaining the tile and grout depends on the type of stone/tile customers have. With a natural stone, the cleaners used need to be balanced to a neutral pH. The neutral pH floor cleaners have no soaps and no acids. If there are damaged tiles, Crystal Carpet Care offer replacement, as long as the customer has the matching tile. If an exact match is not available, there are typically options that match close enough to make work.
When polishing the fixtures, a glass compound is applied with a microfiber cloth. This process can really make chrome fixtures shine! For polishing the glass, a grinding tool is used. This tool is used in a back and forth motion. Once that step is complete, an additional solution is applied which is designed to remove the haze that develops on the glass.  It helps repel the hard water spots. Overall, this process can make the tile and fixtures look like they were just installed!
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