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What to look for in your tile and grout cleaning and repair

They begin with assessing any cracking in the actual grout lines or on the surface of the tile, as well as and cracking or peeling in your caulked joint areas. Crystal Carpet Care will look at your tiled surfaces to determine if any repairs are needed before beginning with the cleaning process.

With tile in showers, they will evaluate the caulking to find out if it is turning yellow or peeling. Clear caulk will start showing green behind it. Once you get a little green spot or spots, it’s going to continue to spread and that’s when it’s a good time to consider replacing your caulking.

Over time, residual soap (soap scum) can build up on tiled surfaces. Crystal Carpet Care has the expertise, products, and equipment to handle those situations. In addition, they offer a polishing service designed to treat the stubborn mineral deposits on your shower glass and fixtures. Crystal Carpet Care can also provide you with a color sealing option for your tile grout lines.  Color sealing will bring your grout back to looking brand new, as well as providing a protective barrier to protect it and keep it looking great for years to come.

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