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When To Repair Vs. Replace Carpet

Carpet provides a soft and comfortable cushioning to walk on, makes a room feel inviting, and reduces noise in a home. Also, carpet catches dust and allergens easily so keeping your carpet clean is crucial for optimal indoor air quality. Standard carpet has a life span of anywhere between five to fifteen years and during that time, tears, rips, and stains are bound to occur. Replacing your carpet isn’t the only option if you’re seeing some wear and tear though. Repairing carpet to prolong it’s life is an option as well.

So how do you know if it’s time to repair or replace your carpet? Here are some top considerations:

Expense – Replacing carpet can be very costly. Cleaning and repairing carpet is a very small percentage of what the total cost would be to replace it.

Time – If you are replacing carpet, it can be quite the process. You’ll need to plan a time to move your furniture out of your home so the new carpeting can be installed. Instead, with carpet repair, lumps, ripples and holes can be repaired without the hassle and time-consuming process of having to move out and back into your home.

Degree of Damage – If overall your carpet is worn out and the fibers are matted in numerous places, even the best professionals may not be able to revive the carpet to look good again. If the padding under the carpet is worn out, it will no longer be comfortable to walk on. It might be time to replace it if the padding is no longer a supportive base.

Carpet Style – Consider if you are ok with the style of your carpet. When professionals are hired to repair carpet, we can do a great job fixing the trouble areas, however we won’t be able to change the look if you desire something more modern.

We provide free phone consultations and would love to connect on how we can help you repair your carpet! We offer a wide variety of services including carpet cleaning, carpet repair, soft and hard surface cleaning, as well as tile and grout restoration. Call us today!

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