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Crystal Carpet Care is dedicated to keeping your carpet looking its best.

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Crystal Carpet Care is dedicated to keeping your carpet looking its best. We specialize in carpet & upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, stain removal, pet odor control, water damage cleanup and 3M Scotchgard Protectants.

Crystal Carpet Care uses truck-mount steam extraction. This is the method the major carpet manufacturers (Dupont and Shaw Industries) recommend. In fact, nearly every carpet manufacturer recommends the use of truck-mount steam extraction as the preferred cleaning method.

This method heats the cleaning and rinse solutions in excess of 200 degrees. The steam heat acts as a catalyst to facilitate the removal of soil, spills and major problem areas on the carpet. Simultaneously, we are also extracting the moisture from the carpet with an extremely high-powered vacuum system. The combination of the high heat and powerful vacuum are the two main reasons this method is far superior.

3M Scotchgard Protectants

Your carpets have a protectant applied at the factory during the manufacturing process. This will wear off, particularly in the high traffic areas, from everyday use. All major carpet manufacturers recommend protectants be reapplied to your carpet at least every other cleaning (every cleaning under hard use). Crystal Carpet Care carries safe, water-based 3M Scotchgard Protectants for your carpet and upholstery. We use only the best products as required to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. This will help you extend the life of your carpet and protect your investment.

Carpet Repair

Serving the Puget Sound area, Crystal Carpet Care has been repairing and restretching carpets since 1991.

We offer repairs such as carpet stretching (restretching) and section replacement from a burn or horrible stain that won’t release with a cleaning. Crystal Carpet Care uses advanced power stretching equipment to ensure a firm stretch is achieved and ridding your home of those horrible wrinkles throughout the carpet areas. All stretching work is guaranteed and performed by the owner and/or highly experienced technicians. There is no need to spend large amounts of money on an entire carpet replacement when, most of the time, carpet repair or restretching is all that is needed. Most carpet wrinkle problems come from an improper install and Crystal Carpet Care can make your carpet area look great again!

Stain Removal

We all encounter stains on our carpets at some point in time. Wine, coffee, pop, food, grease and pets can all leave spots or stains. These also can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Crystal Carpet Care has the knowledge, experience and products to deal with all your spots that have not set. We evaluate every situation prior to cleaning, discuss your options and proceed accordingly on every job. However, there is always a possibility that a stain has set and will not release (hair dye, some planter stains, etc.). If the spot is able to be removed, we can do it!

Pet Odor

Homes with pets can create some of the most challenging situations for carpet cleaners. Fortunately, Crystal Carpet Care is certified with the IICRC in Pet Odor Control. When your pet has had an accident, it is best to take care of the problem as soon as possible. There are over-the-counter products available for the home owner; however, without proper extraction, those products may work the problem deeper into the pad and make it more difficult to remove. The key is to remove the problem first, then treat what’s left appropriately. We have the best selection of commercial grade products to choose from and experience to get it done right!

Water Damage

Broken pipes, leaky appliances and heavy rainstorms can teach an unexpected lesson on the destructive power of water. In most cases, only a professional can repair water damaged flooring and furnishings. Crystal Carpet Care recommends the following actions to minimize damage while you are waiting for help to arrive:

  • Foremost, stop the water leak and attend to obvious safety hazards, like electrical shock and personal injury from slips and falls.
  • Increase airflow with open windows, fans and heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Open doors, drawers, cupboards and closets to maintain optimal air circulation and promote drying.
  • Move furniture out of wet areas or protect furniture legs from absorption and damage with triple-folded aluminum foil.
  • Hang up draperies and pin up upholstery skirts to prevent water rings; allow leather items to dry at room temperature.
  • Wash wet clothes, sheets and linens immediately and hang cleanable fabrics up to dry.
  • Do not store damp items in plastic bags where mold can grow.
  • Contact Crystal Carpet Care, a certified water restoration firm, to preserve your home and furniture from further damage. Our trained technicians, using professional inspecting and drying equipment, can identify hidden water pockets and dry both your structure and furnishings to acceptable industry standards.
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