Tile & Grout Cleaning In Kent

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Let Us Help You Properly Clean Your Tile & Grout

Cleaning your floors can be an arduous task that may seem impossible to get done. Mopping may only move the dirt around and not show many results. 

Our professional Tile and Grout cleaners in Kent can help you. Using state-of-the-art equipment and specialized products helps us ensure that your Tile and Grout is left looking like new. 

The equipment we use is specifically designed to wash, rinse and extract the soil and waxy residue from the pores of your grout lines. This is much easier, safer, and more effective than using home cleaning products that can often damage your floors. Call Crystal Carpet Care for a professional tile and grout cleaning service in Kent.


Tile & Grout Cleaning In Kent

Why You Should Add A Sealant

We highly recommend that you seal your floors properly. Here are some reasons why:
Tile & Grout Cleaning Kent
Provides A Protective Barrier
A sealant will act as a protective barrier for your grout lines against spills, dirt, and stains and will leave you with beautiful shiny floors
Tile Cleaning In Kent
Prolongs A Fresh Look
Keeps it looking fresh and clean. Non-sealed tile and grout gets grimy and stained over time, costing more money in the end because of the constant cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning In Kent
Easier To Clean
In the end, the sealant also makes it easier to clean spills in the grout lines before they soak in and discolor your tile floors

Quality Service And Customer Satisfaction

Most homeowners neglect to clean their tile and grout floors properly because the process can be tedious and it’s hard to get the best results without professional equipment and products.

Leaving your floors dirty for too long can lead to tough stains and costly damage. That’s why it’s so important that you take action now and call Crystal Carpet Care — book an appointment and we’ll get your floors looking fresh again.

Protect Your Investment

After giving your tile and grout a deep cleaning. We recommend adding a sealant to help maintain your floors and keeping it looking like new longer. We offer a variety of options for tile floors, which will help protect your grout from spills that are bound to happen. 

Once your sealant has been applied, foot traffic will need to be avoided for 30 minutes so it can dry properly. It can also take 24 hours for the sealant to fully cure, so it shouldn’t come into contact with liquids during this time. 

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