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Should You Restore or Remodel Your Tile and Grout?

If your tile flooring and surfaces are looking a little worse for wear and you’ve tried to clean it yourself with no success, you’re not alone! It can be near impossible to lift years of stains out of tile and grout. Bathroom tiles take the most abuse with daily water contact, soap residue, and shampoo build up. Scrubbing often does not do the trick!

Whether it’s best to remodel or restore your tile and grout to freshen up the space, it all depends on the vision you have for your room and your budget.

With remodeling, design and functionality of a room can be dramatically changed. Maybe you’d like to expand your shower or reconfigure the layout of your bathroom. Because this process is more complex and involves many elements (demo, many vendors, all new materials, labor), it is costly and time intensive.

Restoring (cleaning and repairing) tile and grout will give you faster results (think hours instead of months!) and is a lot less expensive.

At Crystal Carpet Care, we proudly restore tile and grout to like new condition with the following process:

  • Cleaning: Deep clean dingy tile and grout, remove any growing mold, and extract dirt.
  • Rework: Fix broken tiles (natural stone & man-made), recaulk, and remove/replace broken grout.
  • Color Seal: Choose from 70+ grout sealing color options. Our proprietary sealers leave tiles and grout looking vibrant for years, if not life! We protect your tile and grout against future staining which allows it to be cleaned more easily.
  • Glass Polishing: We pair our special polishing compound with our power buffer machine to remove water spots and make glass doors and surfaces look brand new.

Our products are safe for family and pets, non-toxic, water based, low odor and low -VOC.

Get your whole space feeling newer and cleaner in just hours. Our customers are blown away by the beautiful results we achieve.

Call us today for a free quote to get your tile and grout looking as good as the first year it was installed!

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