Debunking Carpet Cleaning Myths

After serving thousands of clients, we have heard common concerns that simply aren’t true. Today, we will debunk the most common myths.

  • If my carpet is relatively new, I don’t need to have it cleaned.

Just because your carpet was installed a few years ago and doesn’t look dirty to the naked eye, that doesn’t mean it’s clean. Carpeting acts as a filter, catching allergens, soil, dust, particles, dead skin etc. that settle. In order to keep a healthy home, carpeting needs to be cleaned regularly by professionals, at least once every 18 months.

  • A professional cleaning will cause my carpet to grow mold.

Any good professional carpet cleaning company will ensure the proper precautions are taken to make sure this doesn’t happen. Mold needs 24-48 hours to grow. A good carpet cleaning will never soak your carpeting but use just enough steam to make sure your carpets are dry within a few hours of finishing the job.

  • I can just use products from the store to treat my carpet.

Cleaners for carpeting sold directly to customers, like at a hardware or grocery store etc. are not professional grade. Some products will “deodorize” your carpet however, it will never eliminate the source of the odor if you have recurrent odor issues. Professionals have access to higher quality cleaners the public doesn’t have access to.

  • My carpet has a stain resistant, so it’s not necessary to clean.

Dirt builds up over time and stain resistance will only take you so far. It helps with the occasional spill, but it will not keep your carpets clean long term. Professional cleaning will also give you an opportunity to have a new coat of stain protection applied, so it’s easier to maintain your carpeting throughout the year until your next professional cleaning.

  • My carpet would shrink if steam cleaned.

The professional process is when cleaner and hot water go into the carpeting, then the mixture is removed by a high-powered professional vacuum. This will not lead to carpet shrinkage and is instead an excellent way to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned.


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